Insitut Cerdà’s Crisis Management Support Service in Spain, and its Crisis Management and Resilience Service in Chiles, are combining forces to encourage companies to share their experiences and prepare for new stages between Spanish and Chilean companies.


Since the crisis started in February, Institut Cerdà has hosted 5 joint telematic meetings involving over fifty professionals from both sides of the Atlantic, discussing issues such as adapting business continuity plans, preparing for the pandemic, managing telework, communication in times of crisis, and how to prepare organizations for a return to normality.


Each distinct session has been linked to the COVID-19 Surveillance Bulletin and the monographs that Institut Cerdà has been publishing from the early days start of the crisis. In a highly informative environment, and given the need for companies to continue making decisions without losing the global perspective, the newsletter provides relevant and current information, good practices as well as benchmarking on how different companies are managing the situation and what initiatives they have put in place. The monographs offer in depth analysis of key business management aspects related to the crisis.

There is now a specific space on the Institut Cerdà website where you can find and access all this information free of charge.