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The Added Value

We provide the knowledge and experience acquired during 30 years to enable more creative and pioneering solutions, tailored to our clients' needs and challenges of society. We have designed and manage pioneering projects around the World.

We advise and offer our clients constant accompaniment in order to develop the best possible practical solutions for them. We adapt quickly and flexibly to changes in the environment.
We promote an integrating vision and a culture of collaboration amongst the various actors that intervene in any given project.  We always look to maximise the synergy and inter-relation of the diverse stakeholders.

In an environment as complex, interdependent and changing as the world today solutions require active commitment by all. We promote solutions and change processes based on shared responsibility.
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Monografía 4: ​Good practices in crisis management

Hoy en día cualquier organización es, más que nunca, susceptible de sufrir una crisis. Accidentes, catástrofes naturales, trances reputacionales, conflictos sociales dentro de la propia organización, etc. son todos ellos acontecimientos que pueden suceder en cualquier momento y que supondrán, además de perjuicios económicos muy concretos, la pérdida de crédito, imagen y reputación de la compañía, poniendo en peligro su propia supervivencia y comprometiendo su futuro.

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Entrega de premios en Madrid 4 de julio de 2019

Fundación Repsol presents the latest start-ups of its business acceleration program

The Repsol Foundation has announced the six companies that will be joining its business accelerator, the Entrepreneurs Fund. This initiative was launched eight years ago in collaboration with Institut Cerdà. It supports innovative energy projects, with the aim of enabling them to get to market as soon as possible and, in this way, to contribute to meeting the challenges of the energy transition. Those selected will receive up to 144,000 euros of financial support and also training and business advice.

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