Our legal status as a private, non-for-profit, foundation enables us to position ourselves equidistantly at the intersection of three main social agents: companies, governments and citizens.

In our society that is ever more complex, dynamic and interrelated, it is essential that we have “facilitators”: institutions that work to foster understanding and cooperation amongst the private, public and voluntary sectors. Now, more than ever, great collective challenges and strategic projects require the participation and commitment of all agents of society.

For more than 30 years Institut Cerdà has been pro-actively promoting dialogue, collaboration and complicity amongst these three realms. Our role consists of building bridges, facilitating dialogue, promoting collaboration amongst the principal actors and developing governance.


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Recycling and Recovery of Waste in the Cement Industry

Study on Recycling and Recovery of Waste in the Cement Industry in Spain updated

In 2009 the Fundación Laboral del Cemento y el Medio Ambiente (CEMA Foundation) published the first reference study on "Recycling and Recovery of Waste in the Cement Industry in Spain", based on work carried out by Institut Cerdà.

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Elisabet Viladomiu hablando a los participantes de un ágora

Talking of Crisis Management ... Elisabet Viladomiu – Risk, Crisis and Resilience Director

What are the trends in crisis management for the coming years?
Companies are going to focus more on culture than on protocols as the means to manage crisis situations. Culture that will be translated in three basic aspects: firstly prevention, the capacity to be prepared in front of any situation, regardless of whether or not it is new or unexpected; secondly, the ability to analyse, and to know how to analyse what has been done in past situations; and thirdly, and very importantly, the ability to relate permanently to all environments.

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