Our values


  • Our purpose is to promote innovative and sustainable land use development. We want to offer pioneering solutions that are capable of transforming our surroundings.


  • We cultivate dialogue and collaboration amongst companies, governments and social organisations. Our impartiality is essential to enable us to play our facilitating role and we take great effort to maintain this. We receive neither public nor private subsidies. Institut Cerdà is 100% self financed.


  • We work to offer our clients pioneering solutions. We strive, day by day, to contribute proactively and creatively to meet the challenges faced by our society.


  • We work as a multidisciplinary team, with the upmost efficiency and precision, in close collaboration with our stakeholders.

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Noticias destacadas
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Stakeholders, the key to improving reputation

In the last decade the term VUCA has been used more and more to define the situations of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity that companies and institutions must face in a society like the current one that sees shifts in paradigms that have remained stable for many years.

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Concessions, tolls, maintenance….Who pays?

It is well known that many of the contracts (concessions) for the operation of motorways are coming to the end of their term. Apparently, the public administration does not intend to extend or renew these concessions although, to date no justifications or more detailed explanations have been made public. In any case, whatever decision is made, this situation requires considerable preparation and planning and there is no place or time for improvisation.

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