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Here you can consult some practical cases that are representative our activity in various realms of work.



Analysis of opportunities to exploit internal R & D results for the development of solutions and services for external clients in order to exploit the revenue potential of this R&D investment.


Technological scouting: development of a map of cutting edge agencies and international players in key research and technology transfer activities such as battery technology and carbon capture and storage.

Abertis Motorways

Risk analysis and action plan to improve the social and political position of Abertis Motorways.


Outlet centre

Adaptation of the successful U.S. outlet centre model to the Spanish market and subsequent analysis for the implementation and development of the first outlet centres in Spain.

Nature Areas

The first protected nature area was established in 1976, there are now 30. Are they worthwhile? Our work has detailed the overall advantages of designation based on cost-benefit analysis including economic, environmental and social considerations.


Logistics Observatory:  Indicators of competitiveness of the road, rail, maritime and air freight transport vectors of the Catalan logistics system in the local context and with key comparisons at the Spanish and European level (8th. Edition).


Fundación Repsol

The development and management of Fundación Repsol’s Fund for Energy Efficient Entrepreneurs, one of the most important funds of its kind in the World.

Crisis Management

Creation and development of the first support service in Europe for the management of episodic crises.  The motivation has been to encourage public-private collaboration of all actors involved (such as the Administration and the Utility companies) in order to anticipate extreme natural events, develop contingency plans and coordinate the responses in order to enable continuous improvements and minimise the negative impacts of such events.

Elderly people

A study of how to capture the valuable and under-utilised resource of the vast experience of older people to benefit cities and communities through the development of volunteering opportunities.

Consumer goods sector

Highlighting best practices in environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility throughout the consumer goods sector supply chain.

"La Caixa" - Foundation

Comparative evaluation of the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the main Metropolitan Areas in Spain. 


Development work for first ever integrated waste management system for packaging waste for Ecoembes, the organisation responsible for the recycling and eco-design of packaging in Spain.  This system is now operating successfully.

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Stakeholders, the key to improving reputation

In the last decade the term VUCA has been used more and more to define the situations of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity that companies and institutions must face in a society like the current one that sees shifts in paradigms that have remained stable for many years.

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Presentación de la nueva herramienta

A new tool allows the evolution of the price of fuel for container transporters at the port of BCN

Institut Cerdà has developed the calculation tool that provides reliable data relating fuel costs to overall container transport costs in the port area.
The tool has been developed by Institut Cerdà. It has been formally presented at the Port of Barcelona by Pere Padrosa, General Director of Transport and Mobility of the Generalitat of Catalonia; Mercè Conesa, President of the Port of Barcelona and Julián Arenas, Director of Innovation and Transport-Logistics at Institut Cerdà. The tool was launched as a result of the study "Fluctuation of the cost of fuel and the externality of time in road transport". This study, also by Institut Cerdà, analysed the different factors that affect the costs of the transport of goods by road.

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