Mayors and government teams facing municipal crisis management

Institut Cerdà, together with the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​organized a session within the cycle of conferences on issues related to (in)security, targeting mayors and government teams responsible for the management of municipal crises. The objective was to raise awareness of the need to be prepared to face a crisis, when this is the responsibility of the Mayor and his or her Governance team.

Carles Cabrera, General Director of Institut Cerdà, and Xavier Forcadell, General Coordinator of the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​inaugurated the event.

Elisabet Viladomiu, Director of the Institut Cerdà’s Risk, Crisis and Resilience Area, presented trends in crisis, risk and communication and their impact at the municipal level. She highlighted the fact that all organizations are exposed to increasingly diverse and interconnected risks and that the inclusion of knowledge of risk and its management is an essential element in decision making.

Isabel Ferrer, technical advisor to the Social Resilience Plan of the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​and Joan Delort, the Generalitat de Catalunya’s  General Director of Civil Protection focused their presentations on the social dimension of intervention and emergency management.

The final discussion on "How to learn from different municipal crises", involved representatives from three municipalities and was moderated by Meritxell Pineda, Director of Institut Cerdà’s Crisis Management Support Service. Àngel Font, Vilassar de Mar’s Councillor for Governance, spoke about the floods due to torrential rains in his municipality. Marc Castells, Mayor of Igualada, commented on his experience of a chemical explosion due to negligence at a factory in his municipality. Finally, Miquel Buch, Mayor of Premià de Mar, spoke of the gas explosion that resulted in two deaths, 13 people injured and 35 families who had to be rehoused. The three speakers agreed that communication is a key element in managing crises.

Joan Miquel Capell, head of the Prevention and Security Cabinet of the Diputación de Barcelona, ​​concluded the event.


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