• Social Innovation

Since July 2016, Institut Cerdà has been developing consultancy projects in social innovation to help companies.

The extraordinary speed of changes in our society, technological, socio-political and cultural, has an immediate effect on the business environment. It has long since assumed that companies and large organizations live in a VUCA environment, that is one characterised by vulnerability, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

In this context, companies can no longer be conceived as isolated agencies. Optimising processes and improving efficiency is no longer synonymous with success. Medium and long term business sustainability requires a thorough understanding of the social environment, identifying stakeholders, being able to listen and talk, establishing dynamic collaboration and promoting the generation of shared value. It is ultimately a question of developing a new business model: relational enterprise.

Since July 2016, Institut Cerdà has been developing consultancy projects in Social Innovation, to help companies in relation to 3 specific objectives:

  • Awareness of social change. Customers, consumers, prescribers, networks, citizens, governments, etc., have increasing expectations about companies. Business as usual is no longer good enough. New management systems need to be developed to ensure transparency, dialogue, collaboration, integrity and the social engagement of organisations. In short, it is a question of moving towards a more sustainable and responsible competitiveness model (CSR).
  • Become active agents in the face of major social challenges, transforming risks into opportunities, weaving collaborations and building alliances. As the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations, which will mark the roadmap for business sustainability during the period 2015-2030.
  • Drive strategic management of their intangible assets, especially reputation and brand. In a context in which capital, technology and knowledge are available to all, intangibles are the only elements capable of preserving social license to operate, and for building a sustained differentiation from competitors.

Major projects

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Innovation Observatory

Crisis Management Support Service (CMSS / SSgC)

Social Innovation

Crisis management and Resilience service for organisations

The Repsol Foundation Entrepreneurs Fund