• The origins of Institut Cerdà

    More than three decades driving innovation, transformation and sustainability

Our History

  • 1984


    CODI project, dissemination of the concept of ISDN in the future of Telecommunications. Identification of the business potential. Boosting the launch and development of ISDN in Spain.

  • 1986


    Design and development of systems and policies for the management of industrial, sanitary, urban and commercial waste


  • 1988

    Home automation

    Participation in the design of the first home automation systems in Spain

  • 1989

    ICT serving society

    Integration of services in an electronic screen-based service for citizens


  • 1990


    Design of Logistics Activity Zones (ZAL) to improve the services and management of all logistics agents in Spain

  • 1994


    Design of the “Green” recycling points system and the system of offices for recycling promotion and material recovery


  • 1996

    Energy efficiency

    Projects for energy certification and building refurbishment

  • 2000


    Outlet Centre concept and development


  • 2003

    Logistics Observatory

    Competitiveness indicators to provide information for planning and management of the Logistics System

  • 2004

    Barometer of the farming and food sector

    Analysis of the climate of trust as a support tool for decision making


  • 2009

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Creation of the first energy efficiency fund in Europe

  • 2010

    Risk and crisis management

    Creation of the first crisis management support service in Europe


  • 2011

    Corporate responsibility

    Management of relationships in the surrounding area

  • 2014

    Institut Cerdà 30th anniversary prize

    Innovation and development of cities: more than 60 projects submitted

    LNG Railway

    Collaborative development of the first passenger railway powered by LNG


    Opening of the first overseas delegation in Chile


  • 2015

    Resilience in organisations

    Start-up of the Service of Crisis Management and Resilience in Organizations (SeCRO) in Chile

  • 2016

    Fuel poverty

    Facilitation of a framework for joint action between administrations and companies in the field of Energy Poverty


  • 2017

    Social Innovation

    COM3 strategy definition (person-centred community care) for the voluntary sector committee (Taula del 3er Sector).


    Illegal Housing Occupancy Report

  • 2018

    Observatory of Innovation in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods sector

    Creation of the Observatory to spotlight innovations provided by all the agents in the chain and the challenges facing the sector


  • 2019

    Environment and land use planning

    Creation of the Air Quality Observatory of the Camp de Tarragona