• Crisis Management Support Service (CMSS / SSgC)

The CMSS is aimed at promoting and developing collaboration between the public and private sectors.

The Crisis Management Support Service started up in 2010 as an initiative of several companies to work on those aspects of crisis management where collaboration, prevention and implementation of solutions become especially critical.

It is an innovative project, a worldwide pioneer, that promotes continual work to enhance knowledge, coordination and improved communication between companies as well as with government institutions, with the aim of preventing and minimise the impacts of crises.

The objective is to help companies to be better prepared to manage crises, even when faced with external elements that condition their strategies, intensifying public-private and private-private collaboration. Helping companies to:

  • Establish a stable and permanent framework for reflection within companies, and new ways of collaboration between companies and with management
  • Increase business capabilities by providing new tools, resources and knowledge to companies
  • Project companies, individually and in a group, as a benchmark.

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Crisis Management Support Service (CMSS / SSgC)

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