• The Camp de Tarragona Air Quality Observatory 2019 evaluates the presence of 62 different compounds at 26 points where measurement equipment has been installed.
  • All emissions remain within the recommended limits, also those of Benzene, a compound subject to regulations.
  • The methodology applied is shown to be the most flexible and efficient because it covers the entire territory.

The Camp de Tarragona Air Quality Observatory 2019, promoted by Repsol, has increased the control of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), in both the North industrial area, where 9 towns and neighbourhoods have been measured through 11 sampling points, and in the South, which has been incorporated into the Observatory with the inclusion of 13 sampling points in 9 towns or neighbourhoods. As a result, the measurement of the annual mean concentration values ​​in this second edition of the Observatory offer an even more reliable picture of the behaviour of the emissions. This is because it has been possible to work with 14-day samplings for each of the 12 months of the year to the northern area and for 8-10 months in the southern area.