Institut Cerdà has developed new business plans for the prevention of packaging waste for Ecovidrio covering the period 2017-2019.

Business prevention plans help companies define objectives and actions aimed at reducing the amount of waste generated from their packaging, as well as other environmental impacts associated with the packaging system.

These programs help the development of the companies’ Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility policies, in turn reducing the environmental impact of the products. Also, many of the actions involve raw material savings, resulting in reduced operating costs. In addition, adoption of the proposed measures passes on the companies’ environmental commitment to their consumers who have an increasing environmental awareness themselves.

The plans are aimed at three sectors that use glass containers: wines and spirits, beer and cider. In general, glass containers are 10% lighter than in 1997 thanks to the implementation of different prevention measures by the companies (the wine and spirits sector has implemented 2,260 measures, the beer sector 507 and the sector cider 162).

These measures include the reduction of the unit weight of glass bottles, marketing of higher volume drinks and, in the case of beer, the promotion of reusable containers.