Crisis Management Support Service (CMSS/SSgC)

The CMSS is a pioneering global initiative promoted by a group of leading companies in terms of responsibility and sustainability. Its purpose is to anticipate, prevent and minimize the consequences of crises. The CMSS focusses on risks and external shocks (i.e. those with natural, technological or social causes).

With over 30 years’ experience in strategic consulting and innovation, Institut Cerdà has managed to articulate, consolidate and develop a network of companies from various sectors who continually strive to improve the level of individual and collective preparedness in the face of crises.

The CMSS aims to promote and develop cooperation between the public and private sectors.

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Elisabet Viladomiu hablando a los participantes de un ágora

Talking of Crisis Management ... Elisabet Viladomiu – Risk, Crisis and Resilience Director

What are the trends in crisis management for the coming years?
Companies are going to focus more on culture than on protocols as the means to manage crisis situations. Culture that will be translated in three basic aspects: firstly prevention, the capacity to be prepared in front of any situation, regardless of whether or not it is new or unexpected; secondly, the ability to analyse, and to know how to analyse what has been done in past situations; and thirdly, and very importantly, the ability to relate permanently to all environments.

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positive negative

Stakeholders, the key to improving reputation

In the last decade the term VUCA has been used more and more to define the situations of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity that companies and institutions must face in a society like the current one that sees shifts in paradigms that have remained stable for many years.

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