Crisis Management Support Service (CMSS/SSgC)

The CMSS is a pioneering global initiative promoted by a group of leading companies in terms of responsibility and sustainability. Its purpose is to anticipate, prevent and minimize the consequences of crises. The CMSS focusses on risks and external shocks (i.e. those with natural, technological or social causes).

With over 30 years’ experience in strategic consulting and innovation, Institut Cerdà has managed to articulate, consolidate and develop a network of companies from various sectors who continually strive to improve the level of individual and collective preparedness in the face of crises.

The CMSS aims to promote and develop cooperation between the public and private sectors.

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E-commerce and urban mobility associated with the distribution and consumption of food

The urban distribution of goods, food in particular, has to adapt to the social changes that demand new, better and reasonably priced services at a reasonable price. In urban areas these services must also be increasingly sustainable (friendly, peaceful, silent, healthy, environmentally friendly, etc.).
Whenever mobility related improvements are proposed in large cities, there is a debate on how to organise last mile distribution: improving mobility, efficiency, environmental impact and sustainability.

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Telecommunications infrastructures in cities, 5G

Mobile connectivity is a daily necessity for a growing number of people and companies. Ubiquitous access to the Internet at ever faster speeds is the main factor that has contributed to generate an explosion in the generation and exchange of mobile data.

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