Major projects

COM3 Strategy: Towards people-centric community care

In order to promote a new way of attending to those most vulnerable in society, Institut Cerdà and the “Taula d’entitats del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya” (Association of Voluntary Social Sector Organisations in Catalonia), have carried out a study on the current system of attention to people, with the objective of diagnosing the degree of proximity to a community centred, people-centric, model.

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The Institut Cerdà promotes the 2018 Observatory of Innovation in Consumer Goods in Spain

The Observatory of Innovation in consumer Goods in Spain aims to collect the most outstanding innovations developed by consumer goods companies throughout the supply chain, including producers, manufacturers and distributors.  Institut Cerdà is promoting this Observatory, for the first time, as part of its commitment to the promotion of innovation and sustainability of Companies in the Consumer Goods sector in Spain.

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Vehicular natural gas, an alternative fuel for airport road fleets

The viability of the use of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as fuel for the ground fleet of vehicles at airports has been the main objective of the study carried out at the airports of Madrid and Barcelona airports by Institut Cerdà.

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Noticias destacadas

40% of companies admit losing sensitive information due to cyber attacks in recent years

The majority of cyber-attacks are related to cybercrime (72%), followed by hacking (14%) and, to a lesser extent, cyber-espionage (9%) and cyberwar (5%).

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Efficiency in the contracting of gardening services by local entities

It is evident that parks and gardens bring important social, environmental and economic benefits to urban ecosystems, and that these contribute to guarantee a better quality of life for urban inhabitants. Also, in addition to its effect on local citizens, the quality of the green areas and their state of conservation also influences tourist activity, affecting the global image of the locality.

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