Major projects

The participants of the round table organized by the WEF

Future of Construction - World Economic Forum

Future of Construction roundtable: lessons for leading innovators and disruptors” Is the title of the meeting organized by the World Economic Forum held in Amsterdam. Elisabet Viladomiu, Director of Risks, Crisis and Resilience at the Institut Cerdà, was invited to attend the meeting by Abertis, a member of Institut Cerdà’s Crisis Management Support Service. Marc Ribó, of Abertis also took part in the session which involved companies from various sectors.

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Imagen promocional del Fondo de Emprendedores

Do you want to contribute to transforming society with your energy efficiency project?

The Repsol Foundation Entrepreneurs Fund is launching its 6th annual call for innovative projects related to energy efficiency.

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Speakers of the first Innova Day with Senate members

The Institut Cerdà makes clear its commitment to innovation with the first Innova Day

Institut Cerdà celebrates its first Innova Day. The event, took place at the Abertis headquarters and was attended by Gabriel Ferraté, Carles Cabrera, members of the Institut's management team, Joan Molins, and Albert Girbal. 

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Noticias destacadas
Elisabet Viladomiu and Albert Girbal in the seminar on Urban Policies

Institut Cerdà participates in the International Seminar on Urban Policies

The seminar, organized by the Catalan Institute of Public Safety (Institut de Seguretat Pública de Catalunya), in the framework of the twinned masters courses of “Public Policy and Development” (l’École des Ponts ParisTech); “Infrastructure management” (UPC Barcelona); and Business and Public Policy (UIMP, Madrid). Elisabet Viladomiu, Director of Risk, Crisis and Resilience at Institut Cerdà, and Albert Girbal, Technical Consultant at Institut Cerdà, attended and made presentations at the seminar. 

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discussion over lunch

Reflections on the role of business in development of harmonious society organized a business lunch for top executives attended, amongst others, by Sergi Ferrer-Salat, President of the Ferrer Group, Carlos Cabrera, General Director of Institut Cerdà and Daniel Ortiz, Director of Social Innovation at Institut Cerdà.

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