Major projects

At the moment of the workshop of energy in Palau Macaya

"Right to Energy" to promote alliances that fight against energy poverty

On April 24 at the Palau Macaya, the "Right to Energy" conference was held to discuss the improvement of household energy efficiency and address the energy vulnerability suffered by many people in Catalonia. Social entities, private companies and public administrations participated as key agents in the different strategies for tackling energy poverty. The point being that despite the progress made in recent years, the current situation requires spaces for dialogue to promote and coordinate actions, and achieve consensus on strategies and the search for joint solutions. 

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Barcelona sky line

More measures to reduce emissions in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona

Scientific evidence shows that air pollution has serious effects on human health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is responsible for almost 6.5 million premature deaths around the world. In the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona (AMB), based on in those cases where the scientific community has been able to parameterize the cause of death, it is estimated that high air pollution has caused more than 3,000 premature deaths per year.

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Portrairs of the repports

The Observatory of Trends in the Metropolitan Economy is born

The Observatory of Trends in Metropolitan Economy is the result of collaboration between Institut Cerdà and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) that aims to support the study and strategic analysis of trends, challenges, opportunities and positioning for the promotion of economic development in the Metropolitan Area.
Institut Cerdà works on the elaboration of reports on trends in the Metropolitan Economy. These are grouped in a set of resources to support the study and strategic analysis of Trends, Challenges, Opportunities and Positioning (TCOP) of the economy with the ultimate aim of the promotion of metropolitan economic development.

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Noticias destacadas

Institut Cerdà collaborates in the implementation of the Geever project

Last mile distribution, the final step in the process of delivering online purchases to their buyers, has become the most critical point in the e-commerce logistics chain. Urban areas, where most deliveries are made, tend to have mobility problems (dense traffic, traffic jams or difficult access). In addition, of the entire e-commerce logistics chain, this is the most expensive and inefficient process and also the one that has the greatest environmental impact.

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Collaborative networking to improve crisis management

The Collaborative Networking project aims to design, implement and lead an integrated management system of distribution networks to allow planning, maintenance and coordination in the construction and emergency management of urban basic services to be improved. One of the purposes of this project is to create healthy, mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships, based on trust and complicity, deepening collaboration in the private sector.

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