Major projects

The jurney of the support entrepreneurs awards

Fundación Repsol - another year of support for entrepreneurs

One more year (now in its 7th edition) the Repsol Foundation has demonstrated its support for the talent of seven teams of entrepreneurs developing energy and mobility projects.
More than 360 proposals were submitted to this seventh edition of the Entrepreneurs Fund. After an exhaustive process of evaluation and selection, an expert jury has selected the most innovative of these: five in the projects category and two in the ideas category.

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Crisis communication, towards common standards and criteria

The current complexity in the management of corporate communication translates essentially into three very specific aspects. Firstly, the constant loss of credibility by organizations; secondly, the diminishing role of the media as reference point for intermediation between companies and society and, finally, and most relevantly, the power of society, individually or collectively, as a credible information source, as an opinion leader and as a means of communication. We could also add a fourth aspect, the reduction to zero of the response time in terms of communication.

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picture of the circular and green economy

Towards a green, and circular, economy

The development of a new economic model, as an alternative to the current production and consumption based model, is a priority in the policies of many administrations and of the European Union. The green economy and circular economy is presented as an alternative model that has the potential to solve environmental challenges whilst also generating business opportunities and economic growth.

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Noticias destacadas

The competitiveness and sustainability indicators of the Catalan logistics system

On July 18th 2018, Institut Cerdà, presented the competitiveness and sustainability indicators of the Catalan logistics system, an output of the Logistics Observatory. The event took place at the Auditorium of the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The participants included Pere Padrosa, General Director of Transport of the Generalitat of Catalonia; Enric Ticó, General Director of Cimalsa; Jordi Hereu, president of the Sustainable Logistics Group and Fina Jarque, financial director of Cimalsa.

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E-commerce and urban mobility associated with the distribution and consumption of food

The urban distribution of goods, food in particular, has to adapt to the social changes that demand new, better and reasonably priced services at a reasonable price. In urban areas these services must also be increasingly sustainable (friendly, peaceful, silent, healthy, environmentally friendly, etc.).
Whenever mobility related improvements are proposed in large cities, there is a debate on how to organise last mile distribution: improving mobility, efficiency, environmental impact and sustainability.

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