Major projects

Presentation of the indicators of competitiveness and sustainability of the Catalan logistics system

Jèssica Civil, consultant of the logistics area of Institut Cerdà, presented the Observatory of Logistics’s Indicators of Competitiveness and Sustainability of the Catalan Logistics System of the on July 12th. The presentation took place at an event held at the Palau Robert and was attended by Jordi Hereu, president of the Sustainable Logistics Group; Isidre Gavín, CEO of Cimalsa; and Fina Jarque, Cimalsa's Chief Financial Officer.

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Preliminary results on public-private collaboration in the conservation of municipal green areas

Institut Cerdà has presented the preliminary results of the study "Towards efficiency in the Gardening services contracting by local entities", at the Press Association of Madrid.

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A study to measure the Integrated Social Value

Institut Cerdà has carried out a study to measure the social value of the Organisations with a Heart ("Entitats amb Cor") programme run by Cáritas Diocesana in Barcelona. The "calculation or measurement of Integrated Social Value" methodology, developed by Professor José Luis Retolaza of the University of Deusto, has been used to carry out the study in order to assess and value the global contribution of companies beyond the strictly economic and financial realms of traditional accounting.

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Noticias destacadas

More than 87 thousand families illegally occupy homes in Spain

It is currently estimated that there are more than 87,500 families, equivalent to 262,500 people, illegally occupying (squatting) homes in Spain. This situation means that up to 20% of public housing assets are effectively immobilised. According to the first study carried out on this subject by the Institut Cerdà, this illegal occupation situation has proliferated amongst groups beyond those at risk of poverty and social exclusion.

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Institut Cerdà in the Global Platform for Disaster Reduction

SeCRO (Institut Cerdà’s Crisis and Organizational Resilience Management Service in Chile) has been invited to attend the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (Global Platform), recognized by the General Assembly of the United Nations. SeCRO has established itself as the National Focal Point in Chile for the Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies (ARISE) initiative of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), which implies acting as a link between initiatives that may arise at the national level, channelling national companies along the lines of work, participating in regional meetings and disseminating in Chile results of work and good practices identified by UNISDR.

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