Major projects

El tranvía por la Diagonal puede aumentar al 22% la facturación de algunos comercios

Un estudio del Institut Cerdà sobre el nuevo proyecto del tranvía analiza y evalúa sus efectos sobre el tejido económico de la zona. Se prevé un aumento del efecto escaparate con un incremento diario de entre 35.000 y 60.000 personas que pasarán por la fachada comercial. La mejora del espacio urbano se traducirá en una reducción del actual efecto barrera que representa la circulación de vehículos privados y autobuses.

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The first Observatory of Innovation in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector in Spain is born

Institut Cerdà has created the first Observatory of Innovation in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Sector in Spain. The aim is to highlight the progress made by all the agents involved in the FMCG supply chain and also to also awareness of the challenges faced by the sector. The report was presented at the headquarters of the Cotec Foundation in Madrid, in the presence of a hundred companies from the sector.

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Institut Cerdà collaborates in the implementation of the Geever project

Last mile distribution, the final step in the process of delivering online purchases to their buyers, has become the most critical point in the e-commerce logistics chain. Urban areas, where most deliveries are made, tend to have mobility problems (dense traffic, traffic jams or difficult access). In addition, of the entire e-commerce logistics chain, this is the most expensive and inefficient process and also the one that has the greatest environmental impact.

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Noticias destacadas

Joan Roca and Carles Cabrera discuss how to innovate at the CTecno Forum

360º innovation: management of people, suppliers, infrastructure and facilities is the key to the success of El Celler de Can Roca. These are the highlights of the discussion between the chef Joan Roca and the General Director of Institut Cerdà, Carles Cabrera, which took place at the CTecno Forum. CTecno is effectively a great think tank event stimulating debate on a wide range of subjects ranging from evolution and challenges of innovation to how best to implement technological change for the benefit of society.

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Julián Arenas: "The main challenge is to achieve more sustainable transport"

Julián Arenas is Director of the Innovation and Transport / Logistics Department of Institut Cerdà. In recent years, this department has been evaluating the technical, legal and economic feasibility of implementing liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel for rail transportation.

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